Youth Classes

About Our Programs

The staff at the Rahr-West Art Museum wants to be part of every child’s education. We feel the business of a museum is to educate all ages. Helping children make connections and build understanding is an important piece of the education puzzle.We are working to create dynamic, multifaceted, and memorable lessons supported by master artworks in our collection to help students develop creativity, cross-cultural understandings, and communication skills. We believe studying the arts will also help improve school attendance, language skills, problem solving abilities, self-esteem, self-confidence, perseverance, cooperation, teamwork skills, and overall academic performance. Our hope is for all children to lead lives full of promise and have dreams that come true.

After School Picassos

Wednesdays: 3:45 - 5:00 pm
12 classes
$60 members/$120 non-members
OR per month $30 members/$60 non-members

March 2017

Coat of Arms with Michelle Heraly-Bonde
March 8, 15, 22 & 29

A study of medieval heraldry provides a good opportunity to interrelate medieval history with design of visual symbols. Students will design a coat of arms to represent their families.

April 2017

Mimicking the Masters with Heather Nelson
Katz 090 - Takesada Matsutani, .jpg Miro Wiley
April 5th
Alex Katz
Late July
Mixed Media

April 12th
Takesada Matsutani
Paint and Markers

April 19th
Joan Miro
Teni Du Hommes
Paint and Markers

April 26
William Wiley
As WI States into the Future
Mixed Media

May 2017

Clay Creations with Amy Zander
Experience how much fun working with clay is! Learn how to roll out a slab, roll coils and pinch pots. You will also have access to and use assorted clay tools and glazing techniques.
May 3 & 10 - Toad House Inn
Learn how to roll out a slab of clay and handbuild a toad house for your yard.
May 17 & 24 -Free Styling
Using the handbuilding with clay skills that they have learned, the students are free to create whatever they'd like!

Preschool Palette

Instructor: Heather Nelson

Third Wednesday OR Thursday
9:00 am to 10:00 am
Age: 3-5 year olds
Class Fee: $1 per child

Young artists explore a series of art-inspired discovery
opportunities. Preschoolers experience the art museum
exhibits through gallery walks, discussions, and games.
$1 for supplies will buy a lot of fun.

Pre-registration appreciated
Landen gluing.jpg

15 OR 16

 Mosaic Rainbows
We'll make colorful rainbows in a mosaic style and maybe even add a pot of gold
19 OR 20

 Easter Egg Stamping
THINK SPRING! using corks and plastic eggshells, we will decorate paper eggs to celebrate Spring!
17 OR 18

Hot Air Balloon Art
Cut air balloons out of colorful paper and attach them to a cloud speckled blue background.
June 21
June 22


at the John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan.
19 OR 20

 4th of July Wreath
We'll make red, white and blue 4th of July wreaths that you can hang at home to show your patriotism.
16 OR 17

 Crabby Beach Dweller
Make a cranky little crab out of a paper plate, paint and construction paper
20 OR 21
 Solar System Art
We'll celebrate Sputnikfest by making our own stunning Solar Systems.
18 OR19
 Handprint Spiders and Yarn Webs
Today we will be making a creep, crawly spider using our handprints.  Then we will weave our little friend a web.
15 OR 16
 Twiggy Trees
Using real tree branch twigs, we will create beautiful eD trees topped with lovely colorful leaves!
20 OR 21
 Snowman Ornaments
Create a snowman ornament for your own tree or a gift for someone special!

Wacky Weekend Workshop

Instructor: Heather Nelson
Saturdays 1:00 to 3:00

Free - Donations Appreciated

Spend a stress free afternoon having family fun! You don’t have to be creative or artistic to enjoy these wacky
workshops. You can just drop in at the Rahr-West the second Saturday of every month for an afternoon of fun
and relaxation.

March 11th
Shamrock Topped Trees
Today we will make a tree totally topped with shamrocks
April 8th
Paper Plate Baby Chick
Using paper plates, paper and paint we will make a precious baby chick.
 May 13th
Lady Bug Paper Collage
Using shades of green red and brown paper, create a collage of lady bugs in the grass.
 June 10th
Handprint Fish Puppets
Trace your little hands, decorate the pieces and turn them into little fishy stick puppets
 July 8th
 Paper Plate Porthole
Join the Maritime Museum's Subfest fun and create an under water picture of what you
might see if you were on a submarine!
 August 12th
 Handprint Butterflies
Trace your little hands and use the shapes to create a beautiful butterfly
 September 9th
 Space Fun - Sputnikfest
Recycled rockets and robots
 October 14th
 Fall Trees
Make an Autumn tree and top it with dried beans for leaves!
 November 11th
We're going to use your hand again to make turkey feathers and glue them on your silly turkeys.
 December 9th
 3D Paper Plate Christmas Trees
Make a cute Christmas tree and decorate it with pompoms and sequins.