Retired Canines

Officer Jeremy Weber and Aik

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K9 Aik and Handler Jeremy Weber (In-Service Dates: 04/06/2010 to 10/03/2015)

On October 3rd, 2015 K9 Aik officially retired from the Manitowoc Police Department after 5 years of dedicated service to our community. He and his handler, Officer Jeremy Weber, were the first ever K9 unit that served the Manitowoc Police Department.

Aik, which is short for Aik Vom Kaiserhaus, was born in Germany, November 15th, 2007. He started at the Manitowoc Police Department in April of 2010 and he worked as a dual purpose K9, tracking both people and drugs.

Throughout his career he has had numerous successful drug finds and suspect apprehensions as a result of his tracking abilities. Aik located 57 articles of paraphernalia, 41,449.86 grams of THC, 226.8 grams of Hash, 14.5 grams of Cocaine, 7 grams of Heroin and 30.3 grams of Methamphetamine. In addition, he has located $32,630 in U.S. Currency.

He did 51 school sniffs. He also did 167 vehicle sniffs, finding illegal items 58 times. He found 13 illegal items while searching 43 buildings for drugs. While searching 70 buildings for people, he located subjects 8 times. In addition, he located 36 people during his opportunities to track for subjects.
Aik apprehended 42 suspects, 4 by physical means (bites) and was asked to assist outside law enforcement agencies 130 times. He was used 7 times to assist the Manitowoc County Metro Drug Unit and 1 time he was used by SWAT after being SKIDDS (SWAT K9 Interacting During Deployment School) trained.

Aik will continue to live with Officer Weber, at which point Officer Weber will take over ownership of Aik from the City of Manitowoc. Officer Weber will continue to work as a patrol officer on 3rd shift.