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About Accurate

In January 2017, the City of Manitowoc contracted with Accurate Appraisal, LLC, to provide professional assessment services for our residents and property owners.  

Accurate Appraisal, LLC, is presently contracted for services that maintain existing property records. They inspect and assess all new construction. Permitted improvements are inspected upon completion, with the assessments adjusted appropriately.  All sales are analyzed and visited to ensure the records of the property are correct. Sale property assessments may be adjusted to reflect current condition. Property owners are notified prior to physical inspections being conducted and also when changes are made to their assessed value.

Accurate Appraisal representatives will be present at City Hall each Tuesday of the month from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM for meetings with the general public, and to assist with any public records requests. Accurate Appraisal representatives will be also available Monday – Friday for assistance and to answer any questions about assessments by telephone and email.  

For more information on Accurate Appraisal, you can view their website by clicking here.

Services Provided 

The Assessor:

  • Discovers, classifies property, and establishes uniform values on all taxable real and personal property. Our goal is to ensure that the property tax burden is distributed fairly among all property owners.
  • Prepares the annual assessment roll, compiles and submits a number of annual reports to the Department of Revenue, monitors assessment performance, and grants or denies property tax exemption requests.
  • Responsible for maintaining property ownership and legal descriptions on all property in the City.
  • Serves as a informational resource to the community.
  • Is only responsible for the equitable distribution of the tax and does not set nor collect taxes.
Statutory Authority
Assessed values are established as of January 1 according to Chapter 70 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and each tax assessment is absolute.

Staff Certification
Wisconsin Laws, Chapter 39 (1975) define criteria for staff certification. Employees must be state certified to legally perform described duties. Of the 1849 jurisdictions in Wisconsin, 52 require the Assessor II certification, including the City of Manitowoc.