Rapid Improvement Events

A Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) is a 2-4 hour event in which the following are addressed:

  • Goals are Set - What is it that is trying to be accomplished?
  • Measures are Established - How will a change be recognized s an improvement overall?
  • Select Changes - What changes can be made that will result in true improvement?
  • Test Change - The "Plan, Do, Act" cycle is a quick way to test change.  Plan it, try it, observe the results and act on what is learned.

RIE is the key method in LEAN for making rapid changes to improve a process; they are most effective when you already have a good understanding of the process and the problems in it, and want to focus on implementation.

The City of Manitowoc utilizes two of the many methods available for Rapid Improvement Events:

  1. Fishbone Method
  2. 8-D Problem Solving Method