2017 Events

Vehicle Specs - Value Stream Mapping Event
June 7th and 8th, 2017

This project was chosen because there is often confusion as to when these specifications for vehicles should be developed due to unclear parameters conveyed to the Fleet Manager, uncertain milestones involved with the time frame for equipment procurement and time constraints on the person developing the specification package itself.  The Fleet Manager was overwhelmed with task assignments, and the entire process from start to finish was taking 23 weeks.  Improvements and efficiencies were sought in this area in order to streamline and speed up the process.  With the evaluation of this process, the total time was taken down to 6 weeks!

CLICK HERE to view the steps identified in this event to significantly lessen the time needed to create vehicle specs.   


Special Assessments - Value Stream Mapping Event
June 27th and 28th, 2017

This project was chosen because there needed to be changes made to the way Special Assessments were being billed.  (Add any additional info the team may have about why this project was done.  - NO NOTES AVAILABLE -)