Residential Rental Registration FAQs

Q.     What is the purpose of the residential rental registration ?

A.     To enable City of Manitowoc staff to locate the property owner or property manager of a residential rental dwelling in case of emergencies or code violations and to make sure the owner understands their obligations under Municipal Ordinances. 

Q.     Who is required to register ?

A.     All properties wherein residential rental dwelling units are available to tenants are required to register. A residential rental dwelling unit does not include facilities that are inspected, owned, licensed or certified by the State of Wisconsin, including rest homes, convalescent homes, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living centers, community based residential facilities, university-owned student dormitories, or adult family homes.

Q.     Must I register an owner-occupied rental dwelling where one unit is owner-occupied and one unit is a rental dwelling?

A.    Yes, you would register 1 building with 1 rental unit.  You may use the “Notes” area at the bottom of the form to indicate which unit number is owner occupied and which unit number is rental occupied.

Q.     When do I need to register ?

A.    For all residential rental dwelling units existing as of January 1, 2019, the owner shall record the residential rental contact registration with the department by March 1, 2019. For new construction or the creation of residential rental dwelling units those units shall be registered within 30 days of full or partial occupancy.

Q.     How do I register ?

A.     You may register online by using the Residential Rental Residential Electronic Form or you may use the Printable Form and register In Person or By Mail in the Building Inspection Department located on the first floor of City Hall at 900 Quay Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220. 

Q.     What is the cost to register ?

A.     There is no fee to register.

Q.     Do I need to register every year ?

A.    No, this is a one-time registration for the present owner. The present owner shall update any changes to their contact information on file with the Department within 30 days of such change. A change in ownership will require a new registration by the new owner.

Q.     My residential rental building has two apartment units but both are currently vacant. Do I still need to register ?

A.     Yes, the residential rental dwelling unit shall be registered regardless of whether or not all units are occupied. You would register 1 building with 2 rental units.

Q.     Will my residential rental building be inspected regularly ? 

A.     Only residential rental dwelling units that have three or more units will continue to have an annual inspection of the common areas by the City of Manitowoc Fire Department as required by the State of Wisconsin. Department staff will continue to follow up on credible complaints that are received regarding Minimum Property Maintenance Standards per state and local municipal codes.

Q.     What if I fail to register my residential rental building by March 1, 2019.

A.    Any person who fails to timely register a residential rental dwelling unit within the time periods set forth shall be subject to a forfeiture of not more $100.00 per rental dwelling unit. Each week of noncompliance shall be treated as a separate offense.