Scheduling a Burial or Interment

Are you looking to schedule a burial or interment of cremated remains?  Since cremation is considered the final disposition of a body, loved ones may schedule the burial/interment of cremated remains without involving a funeral home.

Some things to know when scheduling a cremation burial/niche interment at Evergreen Cemetery:

Spaces / Niches

  • If you need to purchase a space or niche, please contact the Evergreen Cemetery Office at or 920-686-3570 weekdays between 7 AM and 4 PM. 
  • The space/niche that will be used for the burial must be paid in full prior to the opening of the grave/niche.  Evergreen Cemetery does not accept pre-payment of grave/niche opening & closing fees until the burial/interment has been scheduled.  All opening & closing fees must be paid at the time of burial/interment by either cash, check (made out to Evergreen Cemetery), or credit card.  Please note the City of Manitowoc requires the credit card user to pay the credit card service fees, so the cost will be higher if you pay by credit card.
  • If the decedent is not the legal owner of the lot/niche, a Burial Permission Form must be on file with the Evergreen Cemetery Office.  If it is not already on file, the lot/niche owner or his/her power of attorney must sign the form.  If the lot owner is deceased, the heirs of the lot/niche owner(s) will need to sign the Burial Permission Form and have it witnessed before a burial/interment may take place.  Please contact the Evergreen Cemetery Office for a Burial Permission Form.
  • Burial spaces or niches purchased in 2006 or later are limited to a maximum of two cremations per space or niche.  Prior to 2006 there was no specific limit to the number of cremations that could be placed in an in-ground space; however, limits do apply to the size of markers.  When two or more burials are placed in an in-ground burial space, a surcharge or second right of interment applies to each additional burial after the first one.  See the fee schedule.

Grave opening

Schedule / Timeframe

  • Burials/niche interments should be scheduled a minimum of one working day in advance.


  • Additional fees apply to burials in winter, on Saturdays, holidays, or those scheduled at 2:00 p.m. or later.  See the fee schedule.


  • One of the following types of paperwork is required prior to or at the time of burial/interment:  a Death Certificate, a Cremation Certificate, or a State of Wisconsin Report for Final Disposition from the funeral home.


  • Cremation vaults are not required; however, cremains must be in a container.  The outside of the container must be made of durable material, such as ceramic, metal, hard plastics, wood, etc.  It cannot consist of plastic bags, cardboard boxes, paper, or other similar lightweight materials.  For urns/containers being interred in niches, please keep in mind that the interior dimensions of the niche are 8” wide in front by the panel narrowing to 5 ¾” wide in back, 12” deep, and 9 ½” high.

Arrival by Mail

  • If no one will be attending the burial/interment, the urn/container containing the cremated remains may be mailed directly to the Evergreen Cemetery grounds at 2221 Michigan Avenue, Manitowoc, WI 54220 along with the payment and required paperwork.  Burial/interment of the remains will take place as soon as possible, unless other arrangements were made in advance.

Onsite Arrival / Burial Service

  • If you indicate that people will be attending the burial/interment, the cemetery staff will set up a stand with artificial greens over it where the cremation urn/container can be placed during a service, etc.
  • An Evergreen Cemetery staff member will meet you onsite for the burial. Please call the Evergreen Cemetery Office at 920-686-3570 if you will me more than 10 minutes early or late for your designated arrival time.
  • If you desire to have a member of the clergy present or to have a tent and/or chairs available, it is the responsibility of the family or person scheduling the opening & closing to make the arrangements.

Markers / Inscriptions

  • For columbarium niche inscriptions, please complete the Niche Inscription Form and/or contact the Evergreen Cemetery Office.  Completed forms should be returned to Evergreen Cemetery.
  • For markers for in-ground burials, it is the responsibility of the family or person scheduling the burial to contact a monument dealer to either order a marker, if desired, or to have a final date inscribed on the marker, if the funeral director has not already done so.  The Evergreen Cemetery office does have records of where markers were purchased for the majority of the markers purchased in the last 50 years, in case you are not sure where the marker was purchased. 


  • For veterans, it is the responsibility of the family or person scheduling the burial/interment to contact the Veterans Service Office to arrange for military rites, obtain a veterans flag holder or order a government marker/niche medallion.  The Veterans Service Office works with the local veterans groups to put out U.S. flags for Memorial Day.  Their flags are picked up after Memorial Day weekend.  If you would like a flag on the gravesite at other times, you are welcome to do so, but we recommend placing a name or some tape on the stick to identify the flag as your personal flag and not one owned by the Veteran Service Office.  Marking the flag should prevent it from being picked up after Memorial Day.  Keep in mind that the cemetery staff will remove flags from gravesites when the flags become faded or torn.
  • Evergreen Cemetery does not have a section dedicated to just veterans; however, a number of veterans’ graves are located in Section B, where a flagpole is located.  Many of the spaces were purchased for members of the Grand Army of the Republic.  A few of the spaces are still available for indigent veterans of Manitowoc County to use.  Please contact Manitowoc County’s Veterans Service Office at 920-683-4055 for more information.

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