150th Anniversary of the City of Manitowoc


The City of Manitowoc is Celebrating 150 years in 2020!

The Manitowoc Creed

I believe in Manitowoc and its possibilities and I shall do my part to make it a better place in which to live.
I believe in good government for Manitowoc, and I will assume my share of the civic responsibility that rests on the shoulders of all of our citizens.
I believe in supporting local enterprises that make for community development, and shall contribute my moral support and energy to any worthy cause championed by them.
I believe in patronizing home merchants, for they are greatly responsible for our having good schools and churches, better roads and promotion of the general welfare of this community.
I believe in making Manitowoc clean and attractive, for a healthy atmosphere is an inducement to honest and right-thinking citizens.
I believe in boosting my hometown at every possible opportunity; that thinking, talking and acting progress is the quickest and surest way to bring permanent prosperity to Manitowoc
– the best city in America –
Because it is MY HOME!
This is our creed.  Make it yours!

What’s happening so far?

Manitowoc_150th-2-FullColorLogo Contest
In 2019, a logo contest was held to determine what the logo commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the City would look like. Several entries were received, and the winning entry was created by Anita Stietz, a resident of the City of Manitowoc. Anita did a beautiful job of bringing in the elements that have made our City great...the shore of Lake Michigan, the lighthouse, industry, business, a nautical theme, and the color of our existing logo.

WFRVManitowoc Prepares for its 150th Anniversary
Wed. January 15th, 2020
CLICK HERE to view the interviews WFRV-TV 5’s John Domol did with Assistant to the Mayor Stacey Groll and Executive Director of the Manitowoc County Historical Society, Amy Meyer. John also meets up with the owner of one of the original businesses to sign the Manitowoc Creed back in 1926.

WFRV150th Anniversary Interview with Mayor Justin Nickels
Tues. January 21st, 2020
CLICK HERE to view Mayor Justin Nickels’ interview with Nate Stewart and Chelly Boutott about the City’s 150th Anniversary courtesy of WFRV-TV 5. Mayor Nickels talks about plans for 2020, as well as updates on developments in several areas of the community.

Manitowoc Creed - OldThe Manitowoc Creed
Printed in the Manitowoc newspaper in 1926, local business owners created this creed and took out a full page ad to promote it. The Manitowoc Creed serves as a powerful reminder as to what it means to be a good citizen of our community. Click here to view a photo of the original Creed, and CLICK HERE to download a version to print and hang in your local business!
The Chamber of Manitowoc County LogoThe Manitowoc Creed Signing - The Chamber of Manitowoc County’s Awards of Distinction!
Tues. February 11th, 2020
The Coolest Coast caught some footage of some of the Manitowoc greats signing the Creed! Click here to check it out!

manitowoc county historical society logoLetters for Tomorrow
Being collected now through the end of 2020
Partnering with the Manitowoc County Historical Society, we’re collecting Letters for Tomorrow, which will be added to Manitowoc’s 150th Anniversary time capsule, which will be opened in March, 2070. For more information, to participate, and to download the special stationary to submit your letter: CLICK HERE.  If you’d like to see the article in the Herald Times Reporter regarding Letters for Tomorrow, check out this link!

WOMTCity of Manitowoc Trivia
Running Weekly Beginning the last week of March through the end of the year!
The City of Manitowoc has teamed up with WOMT Radio to bring you trivia about your favorite city!  Be sure to tune in each week for the opportunity to share your knowledge and win a commemorative ornament from the City of Manitowoc and WOMT Radio! (ornaments designed and produced locally by Manitowoc Trophy!)

Manitowoc Public LibraryVirtual Event - Snapshots: A Pictorial History of the Manitowoc Police Department
Thur. Sept. 10th, 2020 from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what stories a collection of historic photographs can tell!  Join Manitowoc County Historical Society volunteer, Jeff Seidl, as he brings the past to life with a pictorial assist. Jeff will be telling the tales behind historic Manitowoc Police Department photos gathered from the Manitowoc County Historical Society photographic archive collection. Watch livestreaming on Facebook.com/manitowoclibrary or YouTube! 

Sponsored by:  Manitowoc County Historical Society and the Manitowoc Public Library

Manitowoc Public LibraryVirtual Event - Indentity Defined:  Historical Turning Points that Made Manitowoc with Kerry Trask
Thur. Oct. 1st, 2020 from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Join historian Kerry Trask as he explores major turning points in Manitowoc History that made our community what it is today. Watch livestreaming on Facebook.com/manitowoclibrary or YouTube!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic - many of our events have either needed to be postponed or canceled.  Please watch this page for updates as they become available relating to 150th Anniversary events.