Collection Image Albums

The images contained in the albums below are not intended to be inclusive of the museum’s permanent collection, but rather a sampling of our works. 

All images are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced for any reason.

Abstract Artwork

"Seabed II" Birgit Skiold Opens in new window

"Seabed II", Birgit Skiold, 2013.3.101

This collection features abstract artwork, exploring the relationships of forms and colors.

Animal Artwork

"A Painting for Over the Sofa" JoAnna Poehlmann Opens in new window

"Zebras" Victor Vasarely, 91.5.71

This collection features a variety of animals, birds, and other creatures.

Buildings, Boats & Bridges Artwork

"Old Bridge In Shoto" Erna Mueller Opens in new window

"Old Bridge In Shoto" Erna Mueller, 57.6

This collection features a variety of buildings, boats, and bridges.

Chagall Artwork

"La Chasse Aux Oiseauz" Marc Chagall

"La Chasse Aux Oiseauz" Marc Chagall, 89.11.8

This collection features some of Chagall’s artwork in the museum’s collection.

Figurative Artwork

"Dreams" Gentelman From Krakow" Raphael Soyer Opens in new window

"Dreams: Gentleman From Krakow" Raphael Soyer, 74.12.7

This collection features artwork depicting the human form.

Flowers, Trees, & Vegetation Artwork

"June's Siberian Iris" William Bloom Opens in new window

"June’s Siberian Iris" William Bloom, 90.6.13

This collection features artwork depicting flowers, trees, and vegetation as the main focus of each piece.

Glass, Pottery & Sculpture

"Laughing Eyed Face" Pablo Picasso Opens in new window

"Laughing-Eyed Face" Pablo Picasso, 89.6.6

This collection features a sampling of some of the glass, pottery or sculpture in the museum’s collection.

Landscape & Water Artwork

"Sheboygan River" William Weidner Opens in new window

"Sheboygan River" William Weidner, 96.5.4

This collection features works of landscapes and water.

Still Life Artwork

"Pineapple Berry Box and Gooseberries" Levi Wells Prentice Opens in new window

"Pineapple Berry Box and Gooseberries" Levi Wells Prentice, 82.205.1

This collection features a sampling of still life artwork in the museum’s collection.

Uncategorized Artwork

"Seven Generations" Lester Bentley Opens in new window

"Seven Generations" Lester Bentely, 89.5.1

This collection features artwork that does not necessarily fit into any of the other categories.