Current Exhibits


May 9-July 3, 2021

The Rahr-West Art Museum is proud to present Ann Barbeau: Photography, an exhibit of digital photography by Manitowoc artist Ann Barbeau. Barbeau’s work celebrates the beauty she finds in Manitowoc. The images focus on four subjects: a walk along the shore, details from the forests, beach ice, and the sunrise.  Ann Barbeau


April 18-August 1, 2021Long Time Passing
Midwest farming changes constantly. In our lifetimes, there has been a shift from small acreage family farms to two extremes: to both very large and very small farms. The state of Wisconsin alone is losing more than two family farms per day. These changes in the Midwest landscape - physically and economically - moved artists Roberta Condon and Lorraine Ortner-Blake to present together two series of paintings to focus on the struggles, joys, and challenges of Midwest farm life. This exhibit, titled "Long Time Passing", is a phrase from a Pete Seeger song.

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February 28-June 6, 2021Portrait of Manitowoc
This community art project led by portrait artist Sonia Vasquez was created between October 2020 and February 2021. This project was generously funded by Art Bridges. 

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