Contractor Registration

Manitowoc Contractor Registration

All contractors and tradespeople performing work in the City of Manitowoc shall complete a Manitowoc Contractor Registration before submitting any permit application. There is no charge for this registration. 

  • MyGov User Name. For all Wisconsin state credential / license holders the First and Last Name of the User (Collaborator) account must match the First and Last Name of the Wisconsin state credential / license holder where applicable. This name will appear on the permit as the credential / license holder.
  • MyGov User Login. The email address provided can be used for ONE Login only. The email used for the MyGov User (Collaborator) Login will receive all information related to application review, plan review, inspections, corrections, invoices, receipts, and permit documents.  
  • MyGov Additional Users. Administrative Staff, Project Managers, and all other Non-State Credentialed / Licensed persons may create their own unique and separate MyGov User (Collaborator) Login. However, where a State Credentialed / Licensed person is required, the applicant must select a person or business who is a Manitowoc Registered Contractor. 
  • Renewal of Manitowoc Contractor Registration. Upon expiration of any Wisconsin credential or license on file in the Building Inspection department, the Manitowoc Contractor Registration will also expire. To renew the Manitowoc Contractor Registration the applicant shall provide proof of an active Wisconsin credential or license to the department.  

Register Online

  1. Go to the MyGov Public Portal
  2. Create User (Collaborator) Account
  3. Or Watch Video Instructions - Register as a MyGov User (Collaborator)
  4. Registered Users May Login Here

Or Register By Form

Additional Instructions

Wisconsin Contractor Registration

The City of Manitowoc enforces the credentials and licenses as required by the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services SPS 305 Licenses, Registrations and Certification Codes. For more information regarding state credentialing and licensing requirements please contact the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services Credentialing Unit at (608) 266-2112 or (877) 617-1565 or please view:

Single and Two Family Projects (New, Addition, Alteration)

Local officials issuing building permits for one- or two- family dwellings are required to check for proof that the contractor or applicant possesses a State of Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Certification and a State of Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification. Owner-occupants of a one- or two- family dwelling are exempt from this requirement. This exemption does not apply to one- or two- family rental units.

Additional Information

Please contact department staff at (920) 686-6940 or by Department Email