8th Street & Maritime Drive Project

8th & Maritime Intersection Project FAQ

What is happening at 8th & Maritime Intersection?

The intersection of 8th & Maritime and the greenspace on the southeast corner are about to go through a major transformation.  Here is an overview of the project:

  • The high-speed right turn lane will be eliminated and the green space will be expanded.  The turn lane does move traffic more quickly through downtown, but we’d rather see a safer pedestrian intersection and we’d prefer people stop and enjoy our beautiful downtown rather than just pass through.
  • The expanded green space will include a new fountain at the center.  The fountain, a tribute to Jean and Sandy Wolfmeyer, is being donated to the City.
  • A walk from the street corner to the fountain is planned and will be covered with a new 22’ arbor and planted with Engelman Ivy.
  • Once having reached the fountain, there will be planted terraced seating in the hillside with views of our riverfront.  Look for the seating to have subtle indirect lighting at night.
  • Pedestrian access through the park will be enhanced.  A new, elongated curved walk will allow easy ADA access to the riverfront and also serve bicycle traffic well.
  • Pedestrian lighting to match the lighting on the south side of the river will be added to ensure a safe and pleasant experience when using the walk at night.  
  • The pine trees will be removed, offering clearer views to the riverfront.  Trees appropriate to the riverside location will be added.  
  • Also look for enhanced seating with tree shade cover.

When will the traffic lights be operational?

Stop signs will be used for traffic control for the duration of the project. Traffic lights will be in place upon completion of the project.

Where are the funds coming from to complete this project?

The Common Council approved a Downtown budget for 2021 and this project is part of those approved funds.

When is the project scheduled to be completed?

It is anticipated the project will be completed in mid-June.

Is there more information available about the fountain being donated?

Yes, more information can be found at https://www.wolfmeyertribute.com/.

Who can I contact about this project?

Contact Community Development at 920-686-6930.