Sign Code


Effective June 29, 2021 the City of Manitowoc Common Council approved Revisions to the Municipal Sign Ordinance repealing Section 15.450 and creating Chapter 31 of the City of Manitowoc Municipal Code. This ordinance complies with recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions related to content neutrality.

A user friendly interactive map and online code portal have been created which allows users to easily search, filter and determine what signs are allowed in the 15 unique sign districts which were created to group similar properties into a district regardless of their zoning. Graphics, illustrations, and tables have been added to help clarify regulations as they relate to sign types and specific standards.


Electronic Message Center (EMC) Lighting

Self Service Sign Code Portal

Sign Code

Key Aspects

  • Compliance with Reed v. Gilbert Supreme Court Decision
  • Creation of unique sign districts
  • Increased user friendliness and uniformity in regulation
  • Interactive map and online sign code portal
  • New sign types and definitions to reflect modern business practices
  • Protect the safety of the public by requiring proper sign maintenance and design/construction standards
  • Use of graphics, illustrations, and tables

Additional Information

Please contact department staff at (920) 686-6940 or by Department Email