Clearances for Trees and Shrubs

The Forestry Division will work in conjunction with property owners or their agents to maintain and prune public street trees. For trees and shrubs, the following clearances must be met:
  • Clearance above sidewalk must be at least ten (10) feet.
  • Clearance above street (or alley) at curb line (or edge of pavement) must be at least fourteen (14) feet.
  • Shrubs must not protrude onto the sidewalk or alleyway.
  • A vision clearance area must be maintained. The triangular space at the street corner of a corner lot, or at the intersection of a public alley or driveway with a street from three (3) feet to ten (10) feet above the highest sidewalk grade, except as otherwise specifically authorized, must be kept clear/unoccupied. The space is determined by measuring from the point of intersection of the street lines along each street lot line, or street lot line and alley line, as the case may be, forming a triangle by striking an imaginary line between said points of measurements.

To report a clearance or ordinance violation, click here or call the Forestry Division at (920) 686-3580.

For information about disposal of brush at the Manitowoc County Compost sites, click here or call (920) 683-4333.