The Streets Division is the largest division within the Department of Public Infrastructure. It maintains 185 miles of streets plus 28 alleys and over 300 miles of mainline storm and sanitary sewers. 

The Sanitary Sewers are cleaned annually as a preventative measure. In 1999 the division took responsibility for the maintenance of 15 sanitary sewer lift stations as well. The lift stations and sewers are maintained through a regular program of inspection and cleaning throughout the year. These maintenance expenses are funded by the City’s Waste Water Treatment Facility. 

The streets of the city are plowed by the department during the winter and swept an average of once every 10 days during the rest of the season. We also patch and restore over 300 pavement excavations; following service by the various utilities and plumbers. Prior to winter, the division installs sanders on city vehicles. They fill and place 140 sand barrels at various locations through the city, erect 1 mile of snow fence at 10 sites, and reconnoiter their plow routes. Equipment is prepared for mobilization on short notice for winter storms. The division brings over 40 pieces of equipment to bear on snow removal and ice control. 

Traffic Control, Signs, and Ordinance Enforcement 

The division has varied duties including maintaining and installing of 7,600 traffic signs, monitoring 34 signalized intersections, snow removal on city sidewalks, weed cutting on city property, and the enforcement of the city’s weed and sidewalk shoveling ordinances. The division also provides three yard waste pick-ups per year, removal of fallen leaves, and the installation of the city’s Christmas decorations and decorative banners. The division also has responsibility for the city’s boat launch ramps and shorelines. They also provide traffic control for road emergencies and public construction projects. We continue to pursue new efficiencies in our operations. We are proud of the fact that we have not added staff to the Streets division for 30 years despite rapid growth of the city’s infrastructure and the addition of mandated programs.