8th and 10th Street Two-Way Reversion

Estimated Project Dates: June – August

Official start of two-way traffic is scheduled for August 15th at 5:00 a.m.


Reversion of the current one-way street pairing on 8th Street and 11th/10th Street from Waldo Boulevard to Washington Street back to traditional two-way traffic.

Intersection reconstruction at three locations – North 8th St. and Waldo Blvd., Menasha Ave. and North 11th St., and North 10th St. and North Water St. – is expected to take place in June/early July.

Signage updates and removals will begin in June and continue into August/September.

Pavement striping and lane closures along the corridors will begin in late July and continue into August. Full street closures are not expected during this portion of the project.

Traffic Signal upgrades will take place in August.