8th and 10th Street Two-Way Reversion



2-Way Street Conversion UPDATE in the City of Manitowoc (August 4, 2022)

 1) The traffic flow will be switching sides this afternoon (08/04/22). Traffic will then be on the side of the street that will be permanent once 2-way streets start. The other side will be closed off until Monday, August 15th (official day of the switch to 2-way). This is for 8th, 10th, and 11th streets.

2) Message signs will remain in place up until August 15th reminding people of the day it changes, and thereafter for another week reminding people of the change.

 3) The signalized intersections will be flashing red on the day of the conversion, August 15th, and potentially for days after (S. 10th and Washington is looking like it will be the most difficult to change over quickly). This is to slow down traffic to make people more aware, but also because each intersection needs to be configured for the new traffic flow. Signals may be adjusted over the next several weeks thereafter once we determine how drivers will navigate the new traffic flows.

4) A reminder again that the intersection at N. 11th and Huron will only be a 2-way stop east/westbound on Huron. Traffic will not stop on 11th Street. Extra signage will be placed on Huron Street alerting motorists that traffic does not stop on 11th Street.

5) The Manitowoc Police Department will have extra monitoring on these streets the first week of the change.

6) The lights (green and red) over each bridge on 8th and 10th street have not arrived yet due to supply chain issues (we ordered these a very long time ago). They will be changed, but most likely not by August 15th. Be aware those lights may not correspond with the traffic signal lights. We cannot turn these lights off as the bridges are still a state highway.

7) City crews will be out overnight Sunday, August 14th through the morning of August 15th. While 5:00am is the "official start time" of the conversion, several portions of the roads may be changed over before or after that. We cannot change all the signs, remove all the covers over the current signs, and remove the center barrels all at 5:00am. If you are traveling overnight, please be aware of this. The goal is that the streets are changed by the time most 1st shift workers drive to work that morning.

8) Finally, this a major conversion of traffic flows. We will be monitoring the traffic flows, vision difficulties, and much more the following weeks after the conversion. We will adjust accordingly by adding more signage, adjusting signal times, add or remove on street parking spaces, and ensuring every intersection is safe by potentially adding stop signs at certain intersections. We will strive to have everything perfected by August 15th, but realize that some things may have been overlooked or not thought of until we are able to see traffic flows and drive it ourselves. Thank you for your understanding.


Estimated Project Dates: June – August

Official start of two-way traffic is scheduled for August 15th at 5:00 a.m.


Reversion of the current one-way street pairing on 8th Street and 11th/10th Street from Waldo Boulevard to Washington Street back to traditional two-way traffic.

Intersection reconstruction at three locations – North 8th St. and Waldo Blvd., Menasha Ave. and North 11th St., and North 10th St. and North Water St. – is expected to take place in June/early July.

Signage updates and removals will begin in June and continue into August/September.

Pavement striping and lane closures along the corridors will begin in late July and continue into August. Full street closures are not expected during this portion of the project.

Traffic Signal upgrades will take place in August.