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About MyGov

The City of Manitowoc has implemented MyGov, a permitting and inspections software program 
that also offers a User (Collaborator) Portal for Contractors or their Agents to apply and pay online 
for permitted projects, access permit information, schedule inspections, and see the status of their projects. The User (Collaborator) account is unique to the applicant / agent or contractor’s email. 
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STEP 1: Register as a MyGov User (Collaborator)

              Video Instructions - Register as a MyGov User (Collaborator)

STEP 2: Register as a Manitowoc Contractor

  • MyGov User Name. For all Wisconsin state credential / license holders the First and Last Name of the User (Collaborator) account must match the First and Last Name of the Wisconsin state credential / license holder where applicable. This name will appear on the permit as the credential / license holder.
  • MyGov User Login. The email address provided will be used for the login. The email used for the MyGov User (Collaborator) Login will receive all information related to application review, plan review, inspections, corrections, invoices, receipts, and permit documents.  
  • MyGov Additional Users. Administrative Staff, Project Managers, and all other Non-State Credentialed / Licensed persons may create their own unique and separate MyGov User (Collaborator) Login. However, where a State Credentialed / Licensed person is required, the applicant must select a person or business who is a Manitowoc Registered Contractor. 
  • Renewal of Manitowoc Contractor Registration.  Upon expiration of any Wisconsin credential or license on file in the Building Inspection department, the Manitowoc Contractor Registration will also expire. To renew the Manitowoc Contractor Registration the applicant shall provide proof of an active Wisconsin credential or license to the department.  

Choose from the following Manitowoc Contractor types: 

  • Building:
Commercial  Building Contractor, Demolition Contractor, Dwelling Contractor, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier, Fence Contractor, Garage / Shed Contractor, Manufactured Homes Installer, Moving Contractor, Pool Contractor, Tower / Antenna Contractor
  • Electrical:
Electrical Contractor, Master Electrician, Electrical Low Voltage Contractor
  • Fire:
Fire Suppression System Contractor
  • Mechanical:
Mechanical Contractor
  • Plumbing:
Master Plumber, Utility Contractor
  • Sign:
Sign Contractor

STEP 3: Choose the correct permit type

There are 3 categories:

  • Residential Permits (R)
  • Commercial Permits (C)
  • Multi-Family Permits (MF)

Additional Information

Please contact department staff at (920) 686-6940 or by Department Email