How to Prevent Theft From Your Vehicle

Tips to Prevent Thefts from Vehicles:

It's easy to prevent being a victim of car related thefts:

Most burglars will not break into a car if they can't see what they're getting - Don't leave your valuables in plain sight!

Steps to help prevent your contents from being stolen from your vehicle:

When you park your car, remove cell phones, digital radios, cameras, wallets and purses. Do not leave gift wrapped packages or other valuable items lying on the seat. Lock all your valuables in the trunk or glove compartment before you reach your destination or take them inside with you when at your destination.

Suspicious Person by Vehicle

Susp By Car.JPG
Remember, thieves stake out parking lots and easily spot persons bending over or appearing to be placing items under or between seats.

Thieves watching parking lots also will note women leaving a vehicle without a purse. This is often a sign that it is still in the car. Most of the time it is easy to spot a purse strap of hidden item sticking out from under a car seat.

Since so many people now drive sport utility vehicles or minivans that do not have a trunk, a simple solution is to carry only what is needed for that trip or errand in a pocket. Cash, a credit card and a driver's license do not take up much room when folder together.

Don't leave an auto in unattended public parking lots for an extended period. A car is five times more likely to be stolen from an unattended lot than from the street or attended lot.

If possible, park your car in a lot where you don't have to leave your keys.

Never attach a tag with your name and address to your key ring. If the keys are lost or stolen, the tag will lead the thief directly to your car and your home. If you have to leave your keys with a parking attendant, leave only the ignition key.

Be sure to remove automatic garage door openers from the car, as this could give a thief easy access to your house.

At night park your car near or under a street light.

If your car is stored in a carport or parked near your house, leave your exterior lights (front and back) on throughout the night. Consider replacing the light fixture closest to your car with a motion detector unit. The light will be off routinely, but will activate if your car is approached.

Consider adding a car alarm system, but remember to be neighborly and respond to the alarm promptly should it be set off.

Be alert of your surroundings and people near your vehicle. If there are any suspicious persons or occupied vehicles hanging around your parked vehicle, contact the Manitowoc Police Department immediately at (920) 686-6500 and file a suspicious person/vehicle complaint.