Quick $50 Crime Stoppers

What is the Quick $50 Program?

The Quick $50 Program is being offered by the Manitowoc Area Crime Stoppers Inc. to area schools, their students, and citizens of Manitowoc County. It pays rewards for information of illegal weapons and drugs in schools according to the following guidelines:
  • $50.00 for information resulting in the confiscation of any weapon, including guns and knives
  • $50.00 for information resulting in the confiscation of any illegal drug, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol, excluding tobacco.
What type of schools participate?
Any junior or senior high school participating in Manitowoc County. Just look for the Quick $50 Program posters placed throughout the school.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?
Any citizen or student attending a participating school in Manitowoc County. All individuals participating in this program will remain anonymous.

Call Crime Stoppers at 920-683-4466 with your information!