Docks & Harbor

The City of Manitowoc oversees the operation of the Harbor and coordinates needed maintenance and capital projects with users and potential users of the Harbor. The City is a member of the Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association


  • Short-Term Boat Dock
    Located along the north side of the Manitowoc River, near the U.S.S. Cobia and Maritime Museum, the dock is available to boats 30 feet or less for a six-hour maximum. Boats must register with the Manitowoc Marina at Channel 09 VHF or 920-682-5117. See map.
    For overnight docking or full-service marine needs, contact the Manitowoc Marina at 920-682-5117. 
  • Short-Term Boat Tie Up
    The tie up is located adjacent to City Hall along the south side of the Manitowoc River in between the 8th and 10th Street Bridges. No gangway or dock is provided. Boats tie up along a wood fender system attached to the face of the sheet wall. No overnight stays are allowed. 

Short-Term Boat Dock (near Maritime Museum)

Metal boat dock on Manitowoc River.

Short-Term Boat Tie Up  (adjacent to City Hall)

Two males in boat who are using the City Hall boat tie up.

Port of Manitowoc
The Manitowoc Harbor is a Federally authorized port on the west shore of Lake Michigan. The Federal Project extends from the entrance at the outer breakwater into the Manitowoc River and extends around the peninsula to the location of a former railroad swing bridge.  The Army Corps of Engineers authorized channel depth in the Manitowoc River, is 23 feet deep to 8th Street and 22 feet deep to the second railway bridge (adjacent to Burger Boat) with widths of 180 feet at the mouth, 150 feet at the upper end, and intermediate reduction and enlargement; and a channel 12 feet deep and 100 to 150 feet wide for a distance of 720 feet above the second railway bridge. 

The Chicago office of the Army Corps of Engineers has jurisdiction of the Port of Manitowoc. Their website contains survey charts of the Harbor and information on dredging projects undertaken or planned. Learn more by visiting their website

Learn more about the Port of Manitowoc commercial harbor at

Commercial vessels with questions should contact Harbor Master Paul Braun at 920.686.6930.

Harbor Commission
In cooperation with the Community Development Department, the Harbor Commission approves the 3-year Harbor Plan which outlines possible capital projects for the improvement of the Harbor. The Harbor Commission also oversees the administration lease for the Manitowoc Marina

The City of Manitowoc Harbor Commission meets semi-annually and as needed to discuss matters relating to the Harbor, as well as to discuss the City's interest in matters affecting the physical and regulatory marine environment. 

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