The City of Manitowoc Fleet Division is centrally managed in order to monitor the use of the city’s equipment and to give departments an accurate cost for the use of their equipment. This arrangement also provides for centralized maintenance for all city equipment with a single record keeping system to ensure timely preventative maintenance as well as having skilled mechanics available to perform unexpected repairs.

City Mechanics

The city mechanics are under the Fleet Manager’s supervision and are available for all work under this division. Currently 1.5 mechanics are employed by Maritime Metro Transit, and 2.5 by the Department of Public Works. The city shop is staffed from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Internal Service Fund

The city mechanics under the direction of the Fleet Manager operate as an internal service fund (ISF). This fund is sometimes referred to as a motor pool. The goal is for this fund to balance by charging other divisions and departments for their services. This allows users of the ISF to be aware of and manage their costs for mechanized equipment. Other organizations supported by fleet operations include Manitowoc Public Utilities, the Manitowoc Public School District, and Manitowoc County.

Additional Responsibilities

This division also supplies backup support to all functions of the Streets Division for emergency work and is the primary source for harbor and marina work. This division also maintains the city gravel pit and works with the consultants engaged by the Engineering Department toward the environmental remediation of the area.

Surplus Equipment Disposal

It is the policy of the City of Manitowoc Streets & Sanitation Division to auction equipment it is replacing, including police squad cars, construction equipment and light duty utility equipment. These auctions are facilitated by GovDeals, an open auction website specializing in municipal auctions. Access the auctions through the link here: www.govdeals.com. Search for "Manitowoc."