Get involved and help make the community aware of stormwater. The City has programs and information available for you to help make a different in your own yard and in your neighborhood.

Rain Barrels

Use a rain barrel to collect and store water from your roof for later use on the lawn or garden. Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water and reduce the amount of water flowing across the yard or driveway into a storm drain or surface water area. Less runoff means less pollution in our waterways. View more information about rain barrels.
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Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are just what they sound like - gardens that soak up rain water, mainly from your roof but also from your driveway and lawn. Rain gardens can be your personal contribution to cleaner water, healthier fish and wildlife populations, and a greatly improved environment for your family and community. View more information about rain gardens.

Storm Drain Stenciling

Storm drain stenciling is a great way to educate a neighborhood or community on the water quality impacts and other hazards of putting waste materials into storm drains. View more information about storm drain stenciling.
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