Rain Gardens

Water running off of residential roofs, roads and driveways can increase water in a stream by 500%, leading to increased flooding and erosion. A 300-square-foot rain garden infiltrates 12,000 gallons of water every year, or enough to fill 2 ½ tanker trucks.

Why build a rain garden?

  • Water that soaks in replenishes groundwater and helps prevent flooding.
  • A Rain Garden protects water quality by trapping sediment, fertilizers and other pollutants.
  • It needs no additional fertilizer and little pesticides.
  • Native plants provide food and shelter for butterflies, song birds and other animals.

A Typical Rain Garden:

  • Is a sunken garden 4-8 inches deep
  • Has a flat bottom
  • Is 1/3 the size of the area draining to it - usually 75-300 square feet in size
  • Can be formal or informal in design
  • Drains within two days

Visitor Information Center (VIC) Demonstration Rain Garden (2008)
VIC Rain Garden