Cemetery Map

Tips for the Cemetery Maps 

There are two types of maps:
  • Option A - Click on the link to view a printable Cemetery Map of the sections (burials do not show on this type of map).  On the cemetery overview map, you can click on a section letter to bring up a more detailed map showing blocks (larger) and lots (smaller). Individual spaces are not shown in the sections, but in-ground burial spaces generally run from space 1 (south) to space 6 (north) depending on the size of the lot. Most lots have six spaces. 
Cemetery Overview Map

  • Option B - To search for burials, click on Burial Search.  This program will also show the status of individual spaces (available, sold, restricted, etc.).
Online Burial Search Program

Section Q Mapping

Currently, there are two columbariums in section Q. The block identification for the columbariums consists of a number and a letter. In section Q, the columbarium to the south is number one, and the columbarium to the north is number 3. Next is the letter of the side that the niche is located on. The letters go clockwise around the columbarium from A (with A being the northern-most facing side) to H.

The lot numbers go according to which panel of the columbarium the niche is located in. The top three panels, lots 1 to 3, have four niches arranged in a square. The bottom panel, lot number four, has two side by side niches. The space number is the number of the niche. Niches are numbered counterclockwise around the niche with niche one being in the upper right-hand corner of the lot panel. In the case of lot number four, which consists of only two niches, niche one is on the right side of the panel and going counterclockwise around the panel, the niche to the left is niche two.

This system of numbering niches is designed to follow the numbering system of the in-ground burials which was devised long ago.
Section Q mapping - columbarium 1