Tree Donation Program

General Information

The City of Manitowoc's Tree Donation Program is a beautiful way to remember your loved ones and their life here on earth. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, planting a tree is a perfect way of showing your love for them.

Program Details

The program allows you to select a tree type as well as the size of the marker. A marker will be planted alongside your tree with a special engraved message remembering your loved one. Please download and print the Tree Donation Program brochure for more information, including order deadlines for the year and an order form.  

Trees may be planted in a location mutually agreed upon by the City Forester or Cemetery Team Leader and the individual(s) donating the tree. (Fruit and some nut trees are not allowed.) Due to the large number of trees and bushes in Evergreen Cemetery, lot owners are not allowed to plant trees or bushes on their own gravesites.

For additional details, please contact the City of Manitowoc Forestry Office at (920) 686-3580 or the Evergreen Cemetery Office at (920) 686-3570.

Jack & Eunice Pekarske Memorial Tree