Getting off of the Bus

General Information

Maritime Metro Transit is a public service provided by the cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers. All of our riders have a right to a safe and pleasant ride on a clean vehicle. While on board, please be considerate of your fellow riders and follow these simple common sense rules. For additional information, please call (920) 686-3560.

Things to Do

When getting off of the bus, please:
  • Pull the stop request cord located along the windows
  • Wait until the bus has stopped moving before leaving your seat
  • Proceed to exit door when bus has stopped moving
  • Read informational handouts and notices posted in the buses on way out
  • Be aware of weather conditions outside the bus before exiting
  • Exit bus using hand rails with feet safely planted on curb or ground

Things Not to Do
The following are a list of things that you should not do while exiting the bus:
  • DO NOT leave the seat before the bus has stopped moving
  • DO NOT run or jump off the bus
  • DO NOT cross the street in front of the bus
  • DO NOT carry an extraordinary amount of packages
  • DO NOT expect the driver to assist you with your bundles / packages
  • DO NOT leave trash on the seats or floor
  • DO NOT yell at the driver as he/she approaches your stop

In addition, passengers should avoid moving about while the bus is in motion, particularly in wet or snowy weather when the bus floor is likely to be slippery. Drivers may ask riders who do not observe these rules to leave the bus.