Lost & Found

General Information

Please remember to check your seat for personal items before exiting the bus. Maritime Metro Transit is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Articles found on the bus are routinely turned in at the end of each day. These items are kept for one calendar month after being turned in. More valuable items (cell phones, wallets, jewelry, etc.) are immediately reported by radio and turned in to the Manitowoc Police

Lost Bus Pass

When a lost bus pass is turned in, its owner is routinely notified if his or her daytime telephone number is written on the front. Maritime Metro Transit bus passes, like anything else you purchase, are your property and your responsibility. Maritime Metro Transit will not replace cards that have been lost or stolen.

Contact Us

If you leave a possession on the bus, please call our main office at (920) 686-3560 immediately. Maritime Metro Transit can check video surveillance on board all buses within 12 service hours. Please be prepared to give a description of the article as well as the time, date, and route of the trip you were on that day.