Mobility Manager

General Information

The Mobility Management Project is a cooperative effort between Maritime Metro Transit and the Manitowoc County Aging and Disability Resource Center to coordinate transportation needs, services, and programs through several public and private organizations in Manitowoc County.

The Manitowoc County Mobility Management Project was initiated in 2008 with the hire of a Manitowoc County Mobility Manager. The Mobility Manager position is funded through the New Freedom grant, awarded through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


Mobility management focuses on meeting individual customer needs through a wide range of transportation options and service providers. It also focuses on coordinating these services and providers in order to achieve a more efficient transportation service delivery system for public policy makers and taxpayers who underwrite the cost of service delivery.

The Manitowoc Mobility Manager manages the Manitowoc County volunteer driver program, oversees various city and county transportation programs, serves as an ombudsmen to various providers, conducts outreach presentations and travel training, markets under-utilized services, writes policies and procedures, and seeks to improve overall service convenience for users.

Completed mobility management projects include: the implementation of a one-stop call center, the development of a single application for various city and county transportation programs, the implementation of a Bus Buddy program, the creation of a Manitowoc County transportation resource directory, various outreach presentations to local organizations and businesses, initiation of an annual “Leave Your Car at Home Week,” the completion of a volunteer driver handbook, and recruitment of volunteer drivers.

Contact the Mobility Manager

If you would like more information about the mobility management project or you have a specific transportation issue that you would like to address, you may contact the Manitowoc Mobility Manager at the number listed below:

Linda Grider
Mobility Manager
915 South 11th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220
(920) 686-6977