The Lincoln Park Zoo is supported by and works with a variety of conservation organizations. These include:

Northeastern Wisconsin Great Lakes Sport Fishermen

The Northeastern Wisconsin Great Lakes Sport Fishermen (NEWGLSF) was created in 1974 to provide a civilian agency to work with the public and its elected officials. This includes: the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, and all Federations or Councils to protect and enhance Great Lakes Sports Fishery. The organization has raised and released over 5,000,000 trout and salmon in which some were raised in the fish rearing pond that abuts the zoo's southern perimeter. The NEWGLSF feed the fish and maintain the facility for the DNR. They have also helped support the zoo through donations and in helping create the native fish aquarium in the Education Center.

Brown County Beekeepers Association

The Brown County Beekeepers Association located in Green Bay, Wisconsin is dedicated to promoting beekeeping and the honey industry in Northeastern Wisconsin. The organization helps both hobbyists and commercial beekeepers to be more educated in beekeeping and more efficient and productive in bee management. Individuals in the group play a large role in helping the zoo maintain the honey bee hive located in the Education Center.

Whitetails Unlimited

Whitetails Unlimited, a national non-profit conservation organization, was founded in 1982. Their 90,000+ supporters are committed to caring about the nations priceless renewable resources. The organization has dedicated their resources to the betterment of the white-tailed deer and its environment. They spend millions of dollars on projects including research, wildlife agency assistance, habitat enhancement/acquisition, college scholarships, public education materials, hunter safety/education, anti-poaching measures, and cooperative projects with other conservation organizations. They have worked with the Lincoln Park Zoo through donations that help support and run the zoo as well as funding the zoo's white-tailed deer exhibit.

Manitowoc County Fish & Game Protective Association

The Manitowoc County Fish and Game Protective Association was founded in 1907. The 25 local sporting groups fulfills the association's mission of "Conservation and Education Today for Tomorrow's Sportsman" through a variety of ways. Some of their methods are land acquisition for hunters and fisherman funding education for youth, building nature trails, providing handicap access at fishing docks, purchasing right of way to lakes and rivers, and providing hunting and nature films to libraries. The Fish and Game Association has support the Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoo through financial contributions and providing a representative to the city Zoological Board which sets policies and procedures for the zoo.

Izaak Walton League

The Izaak Walton League was founded in 1922 with the purpose to protect the country’s natural heritage and improving outdoor recreation opportunities. They achieve their goals through grassroots volunteers in more than 260 communities. A few of their projects are restoring watersheds, reducing air pollution, fighting litter, protecting wildlife habitat and open spaces, and instilling conservation ethics in outdoor recreation. The Izaak Walton League has supported the zoo through financial contributions and providing a representative to the city Zoological Board which sets policies and procedures for the zoo.

Milwaukee County Zoo - Species Survival Program

The mission of the Milwaukee County Zoo - Species Survival Program (SSP) is to manage and conserve a select and typically threatened or endangered species population. SSP species are often well known animals which arouse strong feelings in the public for the preservation and protection of the populations and their habitat. There are currently more than 300 SSP programs in the world. The programs are responsible for developing a Breeding and Transfer Plan that identifies population management goals and recommendations to ensure the sustainability of a healthy, genetically diverse, and demographically varied population. The Lincoln Park Zoo works with the Milwaukee County Zoo in the snow leopard Species Survival Plan program.