Zoo Programs

Zoo Tours and Education Programs
Zoo tours and educational programs available for small and large groups. Programs are held at the zoo or at your site. Zoo tours take approximately one hour and can be general or adapted to specific topics. Group size can be unlimited but work best for groups of thirty and under. Call Vicki at 683-4685 for cost and availability.

Education Center Program
Animals in the Educational Center Program include the tortoise, turtle, bearded dragon, tarantula, snake and cockroach. Animals may be changed without notice. If there are twenty children or less the program takes about thirty minutes. The more children involved in the program will result in the need for the time allotment to be extended. Call Vicki at 683-4685 for cost and reservations.

Available Educational programs include:

Intro to Animals:

Take a look at different groups of animals & what makes each one special.

Dinner Anyone?:

Learn how animals are equipped to survive day-to-day.

Hide and Seek!:

Learn how predators and prey use camouflage to stay alive.

Follow the Leader:

Hop like a rabbit, walk like a wolf, fly like an eagle. Learn how animals move and the special adaptions that get them from place to place.