Zoo Rearing Pond

Zoo Rearing Pond

Zoo Rearing PondZoo Rearing PondZoo Rearing PondZoo Rearing PondHatchery Truck Delivering 27,000 Brown TroutFish for Zoo Rearing PondZoo Rearing Pond

Increasing Fish Populations

Thanks to the Northeastern Wisconsin Great Lakes Sport Fishermen (NEWGLSF) - which promotes youth outdoor mentoring and enriching area fishing and natural resources - 57,000 king salmon were recently released into the Manitowoc River and 26,000 into the West Twin River running into Two Rivers.

These fish called the rearing pond home for a number of months as they grew under the watchful eye of Roy Berres. Roy, who has been involved with the development of the program since 1985, is the NEWGLSF Rearing Pond Committee chairman.

Pond Improvements

The new covered structure we now see hasn’t always been like that and the fingerlings were exposed to many dangers in years past, like hungry birds. Now we are in the 21st century with TVs and underwater cameras. Over the years, a total of 5,721,500 fish of different species have been raised and released from the pond.

Additional Resources

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