goose goose goose

Animal Summary

The zoo's two sets of geese were both donated. The white Chinese Geese named Mulan and Shang came from the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2010. Gooser and Mrs. Gooser the Embden Geese came earlier and was a bit of a shake up when the new residents came to call the yard home.  Now everyone gets along and knows their place in the waterfowl hierarchy.  We also have a Toulouse Goose named Jimmy. The Toulouse is a breed of domesticated goose originating near Toulouse, France. It is a large bird, with a weight of up to 9 kg, and is known for its ponderous appearance and large dewlaps. 
  • A female is called a goose, male a gander, and young before fledging goslings. A group is called a gaggle and while in flying formation they are called a wedge or skein.
  • The Chinese goose is the noisiest breed of geese and have sometimes been employed as "watchdogs".
  • A female Chinese goose can lay 50-60 eggs over the breeding season.

The zoo's geese are domesticated breeds and are not in danger of becoming endangered.


There are no threats to the population numbers of these domesticated geese.