How can I find out where my loved one is buried?
Search for burials by names or locations on a map of Evergreen Cemetery by visiting You can print out a map or use GPS inside the cemetery to locate the gravesite.  

To use the GPS feature you must be within five miles of the cemetery grounds.  Use your smartphone or tablet, click on the link above, then tap the compass button.  You may be asked to share your location information.  If you answer yes, then you will see a timer spinner until your GPS location is found.  A blue dot will appear on the map indicating your location.  (Please note that if you are using a device that does not have GPS capabilities, the program will instead use Web GPS, which gets its location from your internet connection instead of GPS satellites.)

 Disclaimer:  Burials within the last several months may or may not appear on the website depending on work loads.

 For more information about locations or burials, please contact the Evergreen Cemetery office at (920) 686-3570 or

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