What don't you pick up?

The City will not pick up any of the following items:  mixed materials (brush/yard waste), bagged materials, lumber, garbage, animal droppings, broken concrete, refuse, fill, demolition material, edgings, yard debris greater than six (6) inches or longer than five (5) feet in length, including stumps, roots, or shrubs with intact bulbs, or debris in bags, buckets or garbage cans.

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1. When are they picking up in my neighborhood?
2. How soon can I put my brush and/or yard waste out?
3. What do you pick up?
4. Is there a parking ban?
5. When do I have to have my debris out and where do I put it?
6. How big can brush be?
7. What don't you pick up?
8. What if I missed the pickup date?
9. How often do you go through each section?
10. Do you pick up on vacant or uninhabited lots?