Why is my street always last to be plowed?

Intensity, duration and timing of the snow event present unique challenges and may result in longer times than anticipated before we are able to remove the snow from every street. As main streets are cleared, we will proceed to the secondary streets and to low volume residential through streets, dead ends and cul-de-sacs, and alleys. Continued snowfall may require that we return to the main streets or dedicate equipment such that we may experience significant delay in getting to Priority 2 and 3 streets. Crews have 16 plow routes which can be seen on the Snow/Salt Maps page. If a snow plow operator finishes their route, they will assist on other routes in order to complete all routes as quickly as conditions allow.

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1. Why does the snow plow go down the street with the plow up?
2. When do you plow?
3. I thought the City did not use sand on the streets anymore. Why are crews putting sand on the streets?
4. Why is my street always last to be plowed?
5. Why has the plow left a large amount of snow in my driveway and in front of my mailbox so that I can’t get my car out or get to my mailbox? When will they come to clean It up?
6. My sidewalk needs to be shoveled because the plow plowed snow onto it. When will you be here to do that?
7. My mailbox was damaged by the snowplow. What do I do?