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Camp Vits Park

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  1. Bike Trail
  2. Cross Country Skiing
  3. Dogs Allowed
  4. Walking / Hiking

General Information
Camp Vits, a 76.62 acre park, is located by the scenic Manitowoc River with bluffs, ravines, and wildlife areas. This is a great park for mountain biking, hiking, or nature-based activities, such as tree and plant identification or water science activities.  At the trail head located on Parkview Road, you will find an information kiosk and a bike repair station.
The entrance to Camp Vits can be found near the instersection of Parkview Road and Middle Road.  Parking is not available at Camp Vits or on nearby town roads.   There is, however, an access trail from the parking lot at Vetter Trailhead to Camp Vits.  
Park Rules

 Mountain Bike Trail
In October 2013, the City's first public mountain bike trail opened at Camp Vits Park. The Northeast Wisconsin Off-Road Mountain Biking Club (NEWOM), which adopted the park under the Parks Division's Adoptable Areas Program, designed and built the trail. The trail consists of a two mile beginner loop with three advanced sections branching off of the beginner loop. An extension was completed to allow access to the river.
Trail closures can occur occasionally due to wet weather, etc. Please check the Facebook page for the Manitowoc County Mountain Bike Trail Club updates on the status of the trail.
Mountain Bike Trail Map

Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station