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Burger Boat Company Park

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  1. Dogs Allowed
  2. Ice Skating
  3. Picnicking
  4. Playground

General Information

 Burger Boat Company Park is an urban park that was created during reconstruction of the Eighth Street bridge. This 0.70 acre park abuts the south side of the Manitowoc River and provides passive recreation to residents and tourists within the downtown business district. 
 The park makes a great connection for the river and downtown walkway system and has benches, lighting, scenic vistas, a flagpole, and a fisherman’s wharf.
Ice Rink

The City of Manitowoc public ice skating rink is open for the 2024 season; however, it will be closed when temperatures are above freezing due to melting ice.  
In winter, the 50' by 110' portable rink is set up on the west end of the Briess lot in the 700 block of Quay Street, which adjoins Burger Boat Park. There is no cost to skate; however, you must bring your own skates as skate rental is not available.  Benches and picnic tables around the rink are available for those wishing to rest or change footwear.  At times, the rink may be closed for certain periods, such as when temperatures are above freezing or in order to smooth the ice over with more water.  Signs will be posted when it is closed for this or other reasons. 

The 2024 ice rink was made possible by Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.,  Novak’s Service Center, and the City of Manitowoc.   

 Ice Rink Rules:
 1)Skating hours 6 am to 11 pm daily
 2)Skate at your own risk – skating can be a dangerous activity, that could result in serious injury
 3)Children 10 and under require adult supervision
 4)Recreational skating only – hockey or games of chase may only be done with prior approval (contact the Parks Office at 920-686-3580.
 5)Please skate in a counter-clockwise direction
 6)In case of emergency, call 911
 7)Please follow all other general park rules while skating.

The City of Manitowoc takes pride in our public parks. If you see someone violating these rules, call the Police Department at 686-6500. Violators will be banned from public parks.  Also, remember to smile as the City of Manitowoc may be using video surveillance cameras.