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Pulaski Park

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  1. Basketball
  2. Dogs Allowed
  3. Open Air Shelters
  4. Picnicking
  5. Playground Areas
  6. Restrooms
General Information
Pulaski Park, consisting of 3.14 acres, serves surrounding neighbors and elementary/junior high school students coming and going from school.  


Land for the park was acquired  from Michael & Medora Murphy on 1/4/1921 for $1.00 and other valuable considerations, from Henry & Bertha Hinrichs on 1/5/1921 for $1,247.60, and from Leo Braasch on 6/4/1924 for $3,000.

In 1929, "Pulaski Square" was dedicated to Brig. Gen. Casimir Pulaski on the 150th anniversary of his death by the Manitowoc Poles.

Pulaski Square Bronze Plaque

Link to the Manitowoc County Historical Society page showing the old fish pond at the west end along the 1700 block of Division Street circa 1952.